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Why Was I Abused? Part One: Am I Co-dependent? Did I Choose an Abuser?

Have you ever wondered “Why did I attract / choose an abuser?” Have you wondered if you’re co-dependent? Have you been reading articles that encourage you to do deep soul-searching to find your part in being abused?

 Ouch! Take a deep breath and read on because I want to set you free from that guilt and self-blame. You’ve had enough of it from your abuser (and probably from your church).

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Why Was I Abused? Part Two: Targeted and Exploited by an Abuser

You were abused because you were targeted by a character disordered, skilled abuser who presented a false persona to fool you into trusting him. Everyone is vulnerable to covert abusers because they are experts at their game. How many people in your life believe your abuser’s a great guy? Probably almost all of them. Are they all co-dependent? I doubt it. Do they all have the traits that you blame yourself for having that “caused you to be abused”? I doubt that too.

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Sanity Roadmap- The Eight Stages to Getting Free and Healing from Covert Abuse

Your world has been spinning around in confusion- this roadmap of the stages of healing you’ll go through coming out of covert abuse can give you some solid ground to walk on. What stage are you in?

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PTSD Emergency Survival Guide– 14 Things You Can Do Right Now to Calm Down

PTSD can take many forms: anxiety, fear, terror, brain fog, being in a stupor, having a hard time getting off the couch, no motivation, and irritability. Most of the symptoms are probably things that you have blamed yourself for in the past. There are techniques you can learn to handle PTSD when it debilitates you. What helps you calm down?

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What is Covert Psychological and Emotional Abuse?

You know something is wrong in your marriage and you can’t explain it. You’ve read examples and definitions of emotional abuse and they haven’t described your experience. You wonder “Is it me or is it him?” If you’re confused and feel like you’re on a merry-go-round of emotional pain, frustration and self-doubt, it may be from the mind games, gaslighting and manipulation of covert psychological and emotional abuse.

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