sanity roadmap resource page

This page has links to all the articles and resources on this site and is the central hub for all the information to make navigation as easy as possible for you. To get updates of new articles by email, download the “Is This Abuse?” Guide below.


The Resources on this page are organized by the Stages in the Sanity Roadmap:

Christian marriage emotional abuse- what is going on in my marraige?

Women of Faith

how to heal from emotional and psychological abuse abuse

stage one: finding reality

what is covert/ hidden emotionalabuse

Discover if you’re being covertly abused, or if an emotional abuser is also using covert tactics on you. If you know you are being abused, this Guide will help you understand the nuances of the abuse and it’s effects on you. Download here.

emotional and psychological abuse tactics and signs

Stage Two: Finding Truth Through Learning

healing form narcissistic abuse

Stage Three: Finding Yourself

can an abuser change? what is real change?

stage fOUR: finding boundaries

PTSD from narcissistic abuse

Stage FIVE: Finding Healing

Christian coaching for women married to controlling, emotionallly abusive husbands


Is it me? coaching help for confusing Christian marriages. Is it abuse?

If you need individual help, find out about coaching with me here.