coaching can help you heal from covert psychological and emotional abuse

Are you dreaming of a life where you don’t question yourself, your reality or your decisions?

A life where you no longer have to defend yourself and can start finding yourself?


I offer calm, experienced support for your journey

Have you always been a caring, honest woman and you can’t figure out how your marriage turned out this way?

Are you are wondering if you’re really being abused, and your entire world is consumed by crazy making and self-doubt?

Are you are trying to cope with the shock of realizing you are being covertly abused, and struggling to make decisions about what to do now?

Are you’re wondering how to deal with your husband, and if he’ll change?

Are you trying the navigate the agonizing pain and life changing disruption of separation and divorce?

Do you want to recover and heal from covert abuse?

If you are looking for someone who understands you, believes in you, supports you, hears you, and accepts you,

If it’s time to start your journey out of confusion and come back to life,
I can help you.

God centered, trauma based COACHING

In my coaching, I draw on the latest research on the effects of trauma and the most effective methods for healing from trauma. This approach helps your brain heal and brings stability and peace back to your mind and body. I have done training with Bessel van der Kolk, author of “The Body Keeps the Score” and other leaders in trauma-informed perspectives.

I also approach abuse from the heart and character of God as revealed through the love of Jesus, rather than from doctrines of man that blame the woman or teach that God causes this suffering.

These are some of the Results you can expect from our Sanity Sessions:

~ You’ll absolutely know you aren’t crazy.
~ You’ll recover your self-confidence and learn to trust your gut.
~ You’ll find yourself again and discover how strong and capable you are.
~ You’ll lose that heaviness and confusion that consumes you.
~ You’ll get clear on why your abuser does what he does.
~ You’ll be able to identify and disarm the tactics he uses to confuse and manipulate you.
~ You’ll learn how to figure out if he’s going to change.
~ You’ll become clear about what you will and won’t tolerate, and how to set boundaries.
~ You’ll get support for practical issues such as separation, divorce, and parenting.
~ You’ll learn concrete skills to deal with the symptoms of the trauma you’ve been through such as fear, anxiety, guilt, cognitive dissonance, self-doubt, trauma bonds, and shame.
~ You’ll learn how your brain has been damaged by the abuse and how to heal it.
~ You’ll learn how to heal from the lies and brainwashing of covert psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, and legalistic, controlling, sexist interpretations of the Bible.
~ You’ll be able to sort through your spiritual confusion and trust God again.
~ You’ll finally have the relief of getting real help from someone who knows what you’re talking about, has been there and knows that you can heal.

 You are so much stronger than you think you are!


  • $120 for a 60 minute Sanity Session

  • After our first session, I schedule on a monthly basis

  • Request session below

    At this time, I am fully booked. If you want to get on my waiting list, you can fill in the form below. IT may be fall before i have any openings.

Sessions can be done by phone, FaceTime or Skype.

I am a certified coach.

I can identify and help you manage PTSD symptoms and triggers.
I’m not a therapist and if you have debilitating PTSD, I highly recommend you also see a therapist who understands abuse and trauma, and does EMDR.

I don’t work with women who are struggling with substance abuse or who are in physically violent relationships.

I do work with caring, compassionate, kind women who have had these wonderful qualities used against them.


"Helena is a life-saver! With her extensive background in covert psychological abuse studies, she will set straight all the nuances of crazy-making behavior. Helena identified my abuser’s behaviors and helped me set boundaries to avoid being abused further. She is patient, wise and empathetic, and her presence is calming amidst the abuser's storm." 

~ E.S.

“Helena is so compassionate and an amazing listener. She is passionate about the truth and integrity, and is a cheerleader for the underdog.”

~ T.S.

“Helena is kind, loyal, thoughtful, more interested in the truth than being right, and really good at supporting people through difficult times. Helping people figure out the crazies is her superpower!”

~ P. L.

“Helena really understood my suffering and confusion. She shined light in to the dark place so I could see my way out and make difficult but healthy decisions.”

~ Love, A. B.

“Thanks for the coaching and truth! The fog and depression lifted.”

~ C.L.

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Coaching is not therapy or medical treatment. I am not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological condition. I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do to replace their services. I cannot guarantee the outcome of coaching or suggestions on my website. The information provided on my website is for educational and information purposes only and is made available to you as a self-help tool.