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Learn to Recognize 26 Covert Abuse Tactics

Do you know why it's important to learn about the covert tactics that are being used on you? Because this is absolutely the fastest way to get out of feeling crazy. These tactics frame the ongoing, secret mind games that are meant to systematically manipulate your psychology and emotions. Covert abusers cloak these tactics in concern, love, charm, praise, fake empathy, trustworthiness, smiles and pretending to be your biggest supporter. They are under the radar and hidden so that you, the target, can’t easily identify what’s going on.

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Sanity Roadmap- The Eight Stages to Getting Free and Healing from Covert Abuse

Your world has been spinning around in confusion- this roadmap of the stages of healing you’ll go through coming out of covert abuse can give you some solid ground to walk on. What stage are you in?

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What is Covert Psychological and Emotional Abuse?

You know something is wrong in your marriage and you can’t explain it. You’ve read examples and definitions of emotional abuse and they haven’t described your experience. You wonder “Is it me or is it him?” If you’re confused and feel like you’re on a merry-go-round of emotional pain, frustration and self-doubt, it may be from the mind games, gaslighting and manipulation of covert psychological and emotional abuse.

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