“Is this Abuse?”

the 6 step guide to uncovering hidden/covert abuse

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I’m confused, I doubt myself, I feel crazy, I wonder what I’m doing wrong, why does he ignore me, why is he hot and cold, I can’t explain what he’s doing,but he seems to nice, is he a narcissist? what’s going on in this relationship? Is this even a thing? Is there a name for this? These are signs of covert emotional abuse.

Does your relationship feel crazy-making but you can’t explain what he’s doing?

Are you totally confused? Sometimes wondering if you’re being abused, but sometimes worried you’re over-reacting?

Do you often end up feeling at fault and defending yourself even though your husband appears to be supportive and nice?

Do you question your perceptions and wonder “Is it me or is it him?”

Do definitions of emotional abuse seem to not fit your situation because you aren’t being controlled, threatened or yelled at?

Have you read about narcissists and some descriptions fit, but many don’t?

These are signs of covert/hidden emotional and psychological abuse.

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is an in-depth, 26 page Guide
that will give you the relief of figuring out
once and for all
if you are being covertly abused.

In addition, if you already know you are being covertly abused, or suspect that an emotional abuser is also using covert tactics on you, this guide will
~ open your eyes to aspects you haven’t seen before
~ give you a clear picture of what’s really going on
~ help you understand so much more about your situation.


As you go through this guide, you’ll be looking at
• your signs and symptoms
• the dynamics of your relationship
• characteristics of covert abusers
• sneaky tactics covert abusers use, with examples
• covert behaviors in detail.

You’ll be gently guided through a 6 step process to bring to light any covert abuse in your relationship.

You’ll get a clear picture of how it’s happening and how it impacts you.

You’ll get some resources about what to do next.

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Although this guide is designed for intimate partner relationships, it can also be helpful for figuring out if someone is using covert abuse tactics on you in family or work relationships, friendships, or other relationships.


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